Psycholinguistics as Cognitive SYSTRAN

Language is like SYSTRAN for our carbon organism. Each language and its related branches partition our minds like programming partitions the space of a hard drive. Where there is syntax and vocabulary–be it phonemic, cheremic, or graphemic–there is cognition. And that cognition we can essentialize as internal energetic permutations of responses from our sensory environment of sound, touch, smell, taste and sight.

-The mind as a computer (a plastic CPU).
-Penmanship, scripting, grapheme/chereme encoding-decoding and memory retention as psychodynamics.
-Language, cognition, memorization and mental prioritization as related to OS task management.
-Cognitive capacity as measured by objective (phonemic) and subjective ( communication
-Example of the cognitive grid via:
–Japanese: romaji, hiragana, katakana, kanji (4) x gugo, teineigo, kenjougo, sonkeigo (4) = a 16 part partitioned framework for psychological complexity.
–English: cursive, print (2) x casual, formal, academic, governmental (4) = an 8 part partitioned framework for psychological complexity.
-Language as basis of conceptualization versus pragmatic/ idiomatic corrupted processing.
-Command memorization, task processing, workflow analysis and imitation, workflow synthesis, telegraphing and creation

-The computational mind and the human biological directive for matter and energy transformation
Looking from a functional perspective on human biological functioning we all engage in basic, yet profound and ecologically vital biological informational permutations, i.e., without intervention we permutate chemical information into outputs:
we generate offspring.
we generate sexual cells.
we generate carbon dioxide.
we generate urine (ammonium… ).
we produce excrement (fertilizers and compost).
we produce debris from maintaining Maslowian needs.

What is ABA and the linguistic orientation of it?”

A beautiful example of neurolingusitic programming–at least an ideal example from science fiction–is illustrated in the film Ai by Steven Spielberg. Although it seems unbelievable for many academics to reference a film for such an ideal, compared to real life it happens all the time. When we have knee-jerk reactions to utterances of provocative material, religiously profane, politically offensive, or just unappealing.
Ai scene with programming (Steven Spielberg)


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