In Response to SDSU’s “Aztec” Branding

Although the change from traditions is a difficult process, as history is always a place of darkness, this move for a brighter future of San Diego State University should be embraced as an opportunity for optimism, creativity and California futurism.

Acknowledging all the valid and evidence-based arguments that have been presented, the rebranding of SDSU is long overdue and most likely something our region has been craving for. With a rich regional culture and potential symbols, dispensing of biased and culturally single-minded conventions cannot inhibit our potential as a local institution.

For guidance, we should reach down into Californian heritage and call upon important symbols that symbolize both our region and State:

We have majestic fauna in our state heritage such as bobcats, mountain lions, bears, cranes, condors and more.

We have prestigious flora like the Jacaranda, desert cactuses, golden poppies, etc.

And our Mother Nature is bountiful in winding shores, rolling hills, the bluest skies, mysterious coves, clearest nights and fiercest firestorms.

And even richer is our historical namesake from Spanish fantasies of African Muslim Amazonian Queens like Calafia and that ever-elusive promise of an American dream that brought the earliest Westerners here to pursue in escape of the economic despair of a broken autocratic and impoverished Europe.

California offers an Imperial and golden branding of things imaginative and fantastical—opulent like Spanish Baroque, rich and tropical like long lost West African Songhai, colorful and dynamic as a gateway to the East. Embracing our real heritage the SDSU brand can only achieve a trajectory of prosperity.

We should take this as an opportunity to realize a philosophy of Califonianism; realize a California National aesthetic and embrace the multiethnic paella with which our State enriches the world. The Aztec empire ultimately fell.

Let’s give birth to a tradition that prevails.


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