Drafts for IPSA Certification

Part 3) Personal Evolution Essay: A description of your personal growth/evolution in the areas of sexuality and relationships that answers the following questions: What was the constellation and value system of your family of origin? What happened in your early years? Which life experiences shaped you? changed you? and informed you about yourself? How did your relationships begin and end? With whom do you currently choose to partner, what does intimacy mean to you, and how do you currently experience physical and emotional intimacy? We understand that we are asking for very personal information. The training committee wishes to assure applicants that personal information is handled respectfully and confidentially.

Part 4) Letter of interest and intent that answers all of the following questions: Why do you want to take the IPSA training?  What qualities do you possess that you believe will make you a good surrogate partner? What  educational and work experiences have contributed relevant knowledge and skills that you expect to use as a surrogate partner. With which types of clients are you most interested in working?  When are you available for training?

3. Letter of intent
Answer all the following questions:

— Why do you want to be a member of IPSA?

— How much actual experience do you have as a surrogate partner? (number of sessions? number of completed cases? over how many years?)

— With which types of clients do you prefer to work?

— With what types of clients are you most successful?

–What types of clients are you not comfortable assisting?

— Do you always work in conjunction with therapist?

— What other work and educational experiences have you had that contribute to your skills as a professional surrogate partner?


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