Marketing & Japanese

If you were born to be humble, you’d have been a cockroach.

Marketing at QABPROSERV.COM brings to the table all the usual features of the modern advertising and marketing and advertising industry: social media cross-platform posting, #hashtag strategization, team posts and inter-channel marketing, event promotions, guerrilla advertising, etc.

But what makes us different at QABPROSERV.COM is that we live by one proverb alone: “the squeaky tire gets the oil”. Which means we are LOUD. But we’re not that yak-jawed always rambling sort of noisy–unless you’re characteristically antisocial… which means you probably can’t even appreciate crickets. We at QABPROSERV.COM are that sort of counterculture, punk rock, not-wearing-matching-socks, playing-devil’s-advocate, hot-girl-in cheetah-print-leggings, nipples-exposed-pink-tank-man-bun-gym-rat, tattoos-on-your-eyelids sort of LOUD.

“Why?”, you ask?
Because a closed mouth never gets fed.

We want your product to have the same propulsion of things sex, drugs and rock n’ roll… but like punk, maybe a bit more straightedge about the drugs… until it’s legal 😉