Recruiting Male Models!


What makes being a professional model “professional”?

Does it entail appearances in major publishers? Billboard advertisement spots? National TV ads? Or is professional merely having the detailed peace of mind to share the skills, discipline and craft of being a channel for a creator, director or fellow performer in order to execute the creation of imagery?

Years of experience will teach you that a “real” model is well versed in the latter.

As an African-American model in an Ambercrombie & Fitch demographic area like San Diego, I experienced a number of barriers–skin not light enough, muscles not big enough, etc. But I was still able to tap into the international scene and build reliability and creative openness to be effective for my photographers that have included publication by KO Video Japan, GQ Japan and Rage Magazine.

N. Bustos

At QABPROSERV.COM I am willing to take my decade long experience modeling and show you the skills I’ve learned to benefit your career and portfolio development. Reviewing muscular development, soft skills, visual aesthetics, grooming, seductiveness, creative transference and the art of negotiation.

I have worked with a number of clients, including two notable launches, Gabriel Taurus who has appeared in films by both Lucas and Kristen Bjorn Video and Muscle Contest silver finalist Nicholas Bustos.

My Portfolio Themes

As an artist and photographer I am interested in the artful exploration of the symbolism and regalia of things masculine. With my models–as I have helped other photographers–is to explore those things that make us feel masculine. Ad gender is ultimately abstract and subjective, capturing the experience on film is my goal, naturally tied to my own quirky and creative approach. And I expect each case with each model to be different because our experience with the symbols of manliness are always different and subtly unique although some items may be universal.

Together let’s explore suits, neckties, knee high socks and cuff-links; get to know cologne, old style shaving cream, body hair trimmers, mustache wax and pomades; revel in jocks, cleats, mouthpieces and athletic gear; And finally let’s even get to know the international meaning of male in delving into loincloth, kilts, body art and piercings for the brave.

The exploration of masculinity and its practices–shaving, appreciating fine alcohol, learning to be graceful and unabashed about your libidinal divinity–is apart of the rite-of-passage to Manhood. In a society of broken homes, mothers acting as fathers, lost boys, and bullies posing as alphas, Image Consulting at QABPROSERV.COM provides a clear-space to master and revel in your masculinity without judgement of skillfulness, sexism, hyper-sexuality or inappropriateness.

Be absolutely confident.
Be majestically masculine.
Be you.

Modeling and Creative Tranference

As an experienced model, I’ve worked with a variety of productive and experienced photographers. Having a background in the arts was a huge help in understanding art world jargon and culture. But now as I move more into art practice as a cross-trained professional in counseling, I’ve stumbled across a not often discussed element of counseling that has absolute validity when understanding the interaction between Creative and Muse.

While most people find the act of exhibition or sharing terrifying in this age of information and reputation management, being a proper art Muse for a Creative requires a bravery, limitlessness an absolute confidence. In being a Muse,we become a transferecent channel for complimenting and conveying the conceptual and emotional message of our fellow Creative. 

-Modeling rates Depend on Experience DOE.
-Hotel and meal expense included for boudoir.
-All arrangements are Trade For Prints (TFP; digital).
-Selected images will be used for brand promotion.
-Release/ waiver signatures must be given for any compensation.


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